Coping With Divorce – What to Do

Divorce is an unfortunate yet relatively common issue that couples around the world face on a daily basis.  Whether a couple mutually decides that they are better people without one another or if a relationship ends badly – divorce is quite prevalent.  With that being said, it is important for couples to consider what their lives will be like as individual people and how they will be able to cope with their divorce.  Below are a collection of tips that you can use to understand how to cope with divorce.

1. Recognize Why the Divorce Ended

The first thing that will help you to get over your divorce is to realize why the divorce happened in the first place.  The majority of couples end their relationship for a specific reason and it is important that you remember what that reason is as it will help you to get over your ex-spouse.  The sooner that you are able to realize why the relationship failed – the sooner you will return to your original self.  It is important to move on as it will essentially set you free to live your life happily.

2. Using Friends and Family

Friends and family are two of the most important groups of people that you will want to turn to after your divorce.  Once you are without your significant other, you will begin to realize that you have more time to yourself and for yourself.  You will want to consider hanging out with your friends and family members more often as you will have less daily responsibilities.  Even try reconnecting with old friends because you would be surprised at how much fun they could be!

3. Start Dating

Depending on the length of your marriage, the world of dating may be a foreign concept to you.  Luckily, there are hundreds of different dating options available now that weren’t available when you first found your husband or wife.  You can certainly meet new people using traditional methods such as going to a bar, but online dating is another incredibly popular option for individuals who have recently gone through a divorce.  Online dating helps to eliminate all of the scary aspects of talking to someone for the first time as you are both in a comfortable environment.  Try being lighthearted and have fun with your online dating instead of taking it seriously right away.

Recovering from a divorce, especially after a long marriage, takes time.  Don’t try to rush it too fast, know that it’s ok to have a mourning period but also know that there will come a time when you have to pick yourself up again and start living your life.

raving fans-business

How To Create Brand Advocates For Your Business [infographic]

Every business wants customers.  But more than that, ever business dreams of turning their customers into raving brand advocates.

A customer is someone who likes your business and is willing to pay for your products or services.  A brand advocate on the other had is someone who not only buys from you, but will tell others about what a great business you have going on.

Have brand advocates on your list of customers is like having a mini sales force helping to promote your business and build your brand.

Brand Advocates share and promote a business twice as much as a regular customer.  They go out of their way to make sure their friends and peers know about what a good choice they made in doing business with you.  And I think that’s the key, they are promoting your business for themselves, because it makes them feel good knowing they are sharing their “secret”, your business, with others.

The best way to find brand advocates for your business is to listen to your existing customers.  Find out who are the raving fans and who openly promotes your business within their circle.  Once you’ve identified these people, reach out to them and enlist them to help promote your brand.

Their are many ways to do this, you can offer exclusive discounts or access to products that have not been listed for sale yet.  You can invite them to special, member only events where they get to see the inside workings of your business.  The key is to make them feel special, like they are in an exclusive club that you invited them to.

Below is a nice infographic from BzzAgent that gives some good insights as to what it takes to find and recruit brand advocates for your business.